Vascular Leg Health

Compression leg wear is recommended for many types of medical conditions.


Many of us may be told by our physicians that we need to wear compression leg wear at some point in our lives. Compression hosiery has come a long way in the last 25 years. They are, no longer, your grandmother’s stockings. Many manufacturers are now making their products with thinner fabrics and even colors, stripes, polka dots and argyle, among just a few.

Choices regarding compression levels are usually made by your doctor and they may even write a prescription to ensure that your fitter is providing you with the proper compression and size. A few higher levels actually require a prescription, due to the extreme pressure provided at their tightest point.

Compression leg wear is recommended for many types of medical conditions.

(Edema) Swelling, (varicosities), spider veins, nerve pain, (orthostatic hypotension) low blood pressure that may cause fainting and others. Once your physician has determined whether compression may benefit you and your condition and has chosen a specific compression, Beaverton Pharmacy can professionally measure for and fit you or your loved one with compression socks that are comfortable and can replace the socks you wear everyday instead of hiding them because of their appearance.

Many insurance carriers do not cover compression leg wear for anything other than Chronic Venous Stasis Ulcerations. Edema and varicose veins are not conditions that require compression yet can benefit from it.

Prices for compression hosiery can be quite expensive compared to socks from a variety store, ranging from $20.00 to over $300.00 for a custom garment. Retail stores may have similar or even the same products on their shelves, with a varying degree of prices. Online buyers do take a risk of receiving the wrong size, wrong color, wrong compression or even a used or defective product. Your local specialists at Beaverton Pharmacy guarrantee an accurate fit and in some cases can replace product for you if damage has occurred while donning or doffing the socks.

There are many choices on the market for brand, color, fabrics, designs, custom fit and style options including knee high, thigh high, leotard or chaps. If you have concerns as to whether you could benefit from simply wearing compression legwear daily, contact your doctor and they can help guide you to better vascular health and more energy.

Author: scott97005

Hired: October of 1989. I've enjoyed working in the healthcare field of distribution, specializing in DME / HME, Compression therapy and Buying... I decided to stay. 28 1/2 years later, I still enjoy assisting my clients with their retail medical needs and providing as much information as I am able.

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