Seasonal Affective Disorder

Up to 1/3 of the population will experience some form of S.A.D.S in there lifetime.


Here we are, at the precipice of Summer yet still surrounded by the Winter weather and lack of sunlight and what some refer to as the Winter Blues. Many of us who have lived in Oregon our entire lives have become acclimated to the clouds, rain and darker days of Fall and Winter but we can also become a bit fatigued while waiting with baited breath for Spring to arrive. Oh, there will be rain!

Portland isn’t even included in the nation’s top 20 rainiest cities however, here in the city of roses, we can and often times do experience record rainfall as the wet season washes over us.

Medical professionals and extensive studies have revealed that up to 1/3 of the population will experience some form of S.A.D.S and many do not seek a resolution.

A light panel which produces up to 10,000 LUX light output can help to regulate our circadian rhythm and internal body clock and can assist in ensuring that our minds and bodies are ready for action in the morning and able to rest at night.

Beaverton Pharmacy has stocked a few of these lights in the past. They can be quite expensive at times and it can take a bit of time before we notice a positive change in our perceived mood, related to the lack of natural sunshine in the morning.

A regimine of 10,000 LUX light for 20 to 30 minutes in the morning feels like a sunny day with the rays coming through the window and bathing our minds in a mood stabilizing dose of our own Melatonin and Seratonin.

Our stock of Verilux light panels are normally sold at $92.00 on We will be able to match this price while supplies last.

Although a recognized treatment for S.A.D.S., unfortunately your insurance company is unlikely to cover such an item however there are many testimonials to how well the light therapy can work.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Author: scott97005

Hired: October of 1989. I've enjoyed working in the healthcare field of distribution, specializing in DME / HME, Compression therapy and Buying... I decided to stay. 28 1/2 years later, I still enjoy assisting my clients with their retail medical needs and providing as much information as I am able.

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